Native Health

All Cultures should be provided with the same level of insurance quality. It’s important that we provide quality insurance to all ethnicities. Archer Insurance is a leading provider of health insurance for Native Americans. We have been serving the Native community for many years, and our commitment to providing quality coverage remains strong.


Archer Insurance offers a variety of health insurance plans that are specifically designed to meet the needs of Native Americans. The policy provides cover for a wide range of health services, including hospitalization, GP visits, dental care, and prescription medication. Archer also offers several valuable extras, such as access to 24/7 medical advice and discounts on health products and services. We understand the unique challenges that Native Americans face when it comes to access to healthcare, and we are committed to providing coverage that meets those needs. Offering comprehensive coverage and access to quality care, Archer Insurance is committed to meeting the unique needs of Native Americans. Archer Insurance is proud to be the premier provider of health insurance for Native Americans.

Archer Insurance provides health insurance to Natives and all other ethnic groups. We are open to providing coverage for every type of family regardless of circumstance. We are here to help develop a unique plan that will work for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about our coverage options.

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