Supplemental Coverage

Medical and insurance coverage continued to change every year. Some policies provided through your profession have changed coverage plans and taken away benefits that are utilized by you. Supplemental coverage is an additional policy that can be combined with an existing one. This policy helps to improve the coverage that is already established by the original policy. At Archer Insurance, we provide most types of supplemental policies to help further cover your family and yourself.


Archer Insurance offers a variety of supplemental insurance plans that can help policyholders cover expenses not typically included in their regular health insurance. For example, Archer offers hospital indemnity plans that pay a set daily amount for each day spent in the hospital, as well as cancer and intensive care plans that provide lump-sum benefits to help with the costs of treatment. Archer also offers accident plans that provide benefits for things like ambulance rides and ER visits, as well as disability income protection if an accident or illness prevents the policyholder from working. By offering this supplemental coverage, Archer provides its policyholders with added peace of mind and financial security.

Tulsa Supplemental Coverage

Overall, Archer Insurance can provide full extensive policies that will further protect your family and you. We can design custom policies that can be tailored to any existing policy. Please contact us today and ask about the option we can provide to your existing policies.

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